Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Learn about pasture-based livestock production from this new book.

For those looking to start a new business, a book might be just the thing to help with that all important business plan. Managing and Marketing for Pasture-Based Livestock Production, the latest publication from the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Engineering Service, contains basic and necessary information for anyone looking to start a pasture-based livestock production or expand a livestock operation.

Seventeen authors contributed to the publication, offering insights into the framework of such an operation, how to determine a mission statement for the business, the specifics of grazing management, resources and marketing tools, and more.

Managing and Marketing for Pasture-Based Livestock Production is the first of four NRAES books on related topics. For more information or to order any NRAES publications, visit the website at NRAES.org.

Published on Jan 1, 2007

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