Luxury Chicken Coops for Homesteaders

Dennis McLaughlin shares the specifications he used to create luxury chicken coops for himself and other homesteaders.

| November/December 2006

Momma and Gazebo

A coop is a chicken's castle.


Learn how one homesteader created his own luxury chicken coops. 

While traveling in England in 1998, Stephen and Nancy Keel were served free-range eggs at several bed and breakfasts and restaurants. Steve was so impressed by the taste of the deep yellow yolk and firm opaque whites that he came back to the states hoping to raise his own hens. He planned to raise free-range chickens, but none of the available coop designs met his needs.

He wanted a coop that:

  • Contained hens so they would not roost in the shed or other inconvenient places;
  • Did not require the need to walk through manure to gather the eggs;
  • Held enough food and water for several days, so it wasn't a daily chore to feed them.

And Steve didn’t want muddy, smelly pens where the chickens have scratched all the grass away.

Chicken condos are the result of Steve’s quest to create luxury chicken coops. Henspas are egg-stravagant, easy-care, luxury homes for chickens. Hens lay eggs that roll onto an Astro turf collection tray for clean and easy collection. Usually, hens lay an egg a day in the astroturf lined nest boxes. Up to three hens can share the same nest box.

The self-contained chicken homes are luxuriously furnished with a sunroof, heated water bottles and automatic feeders. Electronic doors open in the morning allowing the chickens access to an enclosed, predator-proof exercise area and close at night.

michael etchason
2/24/2012 11:48:29 PM

You might be a redneck if you use astroturf......

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