Keeping Fuel Fresh

Choosing the Right Generator

Gasoline and diesel fuel are both perishable commodities. They simply don’t burn as well after several months of storage. So take precautions to be sure your generator will start and run reliably when an unexpected power outage occurs. Keep two things in mind: fuel preservation and fuel rotation.

Start by spending a few bucks on a gas or diesel fuel preservative. If you always add a measured amount of this liquid to stored fuel cans, your generator will fire up much more easily, even a year or two down the road. After adding a new batch of gas, run the engine long enough to draw the preserved gas into the carburetor.

Even if you add a preservative, get in the habit of rotating your fuel supply. I keep six 5-gallon cans full of stored gas at all times, though I make a point to use each can in my truck, tractor or lawn mower before the fuel is 6 months old. This way I always have relatively fresh gas on hand for the generator.