Hurricane Sandy's Fresh Cranberry-Lime Whole Wheat Scones

| 11/11/2012 10:41:39 AM

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Cranberry Lime Scones

With the recent visit of Hurricane Sandy to the east coast, our mild life has taken a battering. Although we were not a direct hit (in fact we were only skirted), she managed to wash out the road home and take a few houses into the sea, relegating us to an extra two-and-a-half hour ferry ride across the sound to get home. This changed the usual 2.5 to 3 hour journey between the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach into a 6-8 hour trip (or more depending on ferry lines).

It wouldn't have matter much, except I'd gone to Virginia Beach to do some fill-in work right before Sandy and ended up stuck there for an extra week. Since I was stranded without work or demands, I filled my time with alternate activities (drawing, baking, writing, daydreaming).

I'd been eyeing the fresh cranberries in the grocery store and picked up a package wondering what I could do with them. I scoured the internet and peeked in my fridge and decided I'd attempt a batch of scones. Mind you, not the scones you find in Starbucks or even at most bakeries. I wanted something that was just a teeny bit sweet with distinct flavors.

  Scones taste best fresh from the oven but can be stored sealed at room temperature for up to three days 

Fresh Cranberry and Lime Scones
These scones have just a hint of sweetness. Especially tasty served warm with a pat of butter. I used almost all organic ingredients. 

Yield: 8 scones

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