Learn How to Make Homemade Pizza

Forget pizza delivery: Homemade pizza is the way to go.

| March/April 2013

If you live rurally, you probably haven’t “enjoyed” the convenience of home pizza delivery in years. But there’s no sense crying over lukewarm, mediocre pie — make your own right at home! Homemade pizza is not only delicious, but it can be an adventure. Deciding on a suitable crust, then the mélange of toppings and sauce, and who’s going to do what, makes pizza night an event rather than just another meal. Get cooking the best from-scratch pizza right at home — no tip necessary.


As the vehicle for transporting pizza toppings, the crust is the most important part of this equation. Thick, thin, chewy or crispy, I don’t think I’ve ever met a crust I didn’t like, but the choice usually boils down to the weather: If it’s cold and blustery, maybe a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza — the kind where one slice weighs about a half pound. If it’s midsummer, perhaps a thin, crispy crust gently sprinkled with sweet corn, knobs of fresh mozzarella and garden veggies. As tempting as it may be to pile on the toppings, remember to give the crust a fighting chance. Don’t overload and smother it. Use a light hand when it comes to toppings and allow the crust to bake and crisp.

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