Greek Burger Recipe

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This Greek Burger Recipe was handed down to my friend Kristie Cross and is based on a recipe found in The Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. You can substitute beef for the turkey and get a juicier burger. Chicken can also be used for variation. “Either way, it’s delicious, and the Olive-Tomato Relish really adds flavor to it,” Kristie says. 


1  egg white
1?3  cup fine dry wheat bread crumbs
1  tablespoon milk
1  envelope (0.7 ounce) Italian salad dressing mix, divided
1  pound uncooked ground turkey, chicken or beef
4  pita bread rounds, toasted, or 4 hamburger buns, split and toasted
1?2  cup crumbled feta cheese 

Olive-Tomato Relish:

2  tablespoons white wine vinegar
2  teaspoons olive oil
1  cup finely chopped tomato
1?4  cup finely chopped cucumber
1?4  cup finely chopped pitted kalamata or ripe olives 

Beat egg white with whisk; stir in bread crumbs, milk and half of dry salad dressing mix. Add meat; mix well. (Reserve remaining half of dry salad dressing mix for Olive-Tomato Relish.)

Shape turkey mixture into four 3?4-inch-thick patties. Place patties on grill rack (or in pan) directly over medium heat; grill for 14 to 18 minutes, or until meat is done, turning once halfway through grilling or cooking.

Serve the burgers on pita bread rounds with Olive-Tomato Relish (optional) and feta cheese. Yields 4 servings.

For Olive-Tomato Relish: Stir together white wine vinegar, olive oil and remaining dry salad dressing mix. Stir in tomato, cucumber and olives. Yields about 11?3 cups. 

  • Published on Jun 14, 2010
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