Choosing Christmas Gardening Tool Gifts

Mike Lang share his list of quality Christmas gardening tool gifts, includes information on pruners, sprayers, string trimmers and more.

| November/December 2006

Dramm 5L watering can

Yellow Dramm watering can. Dramm watering cans look great and are well balanced, so they're easier to handle.


A reader shares his list of Christmas gardening tool gifts that work. 

Have you ever cringed while opening a gift from a well-meaning friend or loved one, and thought, “What will I ever do with this?” I’ve raised this question many times — to myself — while doing my best to register complete pleasure on my face. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Those closest to me know my passion is gardening, and they have attempted to purchase gardening gifts that address this zeal. But after watching me put the rechargeable pruning saw up for bid at the garage sale and the super weeder on the scrap metal pile, they’ve labeled me a tool snob and aborted further attempts to satisfy my tastes.

I really am not a tool snob at all, but everyone wants Christmas gardening tool gifts they can use. I just want tools that work in the garden, since this is where I spend much of my time. It’s sort of like a gourmet cook shuddering at the idea of using my $14 blender to create a special delicacy.

Since I know many folks who share my excitement for gardening, and many more looking for gifts to please them, I have created a Christmas gift list of tools that would delight the most particular, finicky gardener.

At the top of the list is a good pair of hand pruners. They’re a must — not the anvil type where a blade presses against a piece of metal to complete the cut, but the bypass type, where the blade slides by the metal anvil similar to a pair of scissors. The bypass pruner makes a clean cut without crushing the stem.

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