Save Money by Canning Food at Home

Canning food at home with a pressure cooker or water bath canning method is an important step in becoming more food self-sufficient. Learn how to make the most of your harvest while vegetables and fruits are at their peak flavor with these recipes and instructions.

| September/October 2012

Comfort food evokes a sense of well-being, and brings back memories of happy times, places and people. Thinking of the fare you associate with these two words brings satisfaction and contentment. But just what makes a particular food comfort food? What may constitute a comfort food in New Mexico is totally different from a comfort food in Maine. I grew up in Texas, and my husband in Nebraska. We have totally separate definitions of comfort food.

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What is a comfort food to me? Something I can provide for my family that I made myself. Food that is totally organic with no concerns of harmful residues or ingredients — local food, fresh food, wholesome food. Food picked at the peak of ripeness. Varieties selected for taste, not beauty and ship-ability. Real food. That’s comfort food to me.

It is also immensely comforting to me to walk into my pantry during winter and see shelves filled with jars that I labored over in the summer and fall, knowing that in minutes I can prepare a meal, and realizing that I produced and processed everything on the table. That’s comfort food.

As you may have gathered, I have a great desire to be food self-sufficient. I am not completely there yet, but I am getting closer every year.

Currently, I am spending less than $150 per month on groceries for a family of three, and that includes paper goods and items I cannot produce myself. I love to find local sources to replace foods I enjoy that come from far away. Therefore, the recipes included here celebrate local food. Some of the food I grew, some I gathered wild, and some my husband processed after hunting.

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