Types of Cane Seating Styles

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There are three cane seating styles for chairs.

Cane (Binder) Seating

Learn about the types of cane seating styles for chairs.

There are a number of cane seating styles. Cane is derived from the rattan palm of Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Traditionally, cane strips are woven through holes in a chair’s frame using pegs to keep the cane tight. The popular hexagonal design is often called the “six-way pattern.”

Rush Seating

Rush (or bulrush) grows throughout England. Rush seating became very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and was commonly painted. Today, rush seating can also refer to twisted paper.

Reed (Splint, Split) Seating

Flat reed is simply prepared strips of ash, oak, reed or hickory bark. The strips are typically interwoven in intricate designs including herringbone, diamond and basket patterns.