People and profiles from rural America

The Purpose of "Turn Stones"

By Jerry

One of my favorite things to collect are called "turn stones" — sandstone chunks that used to serve as pivot points for gateposts.


By Andrew Weidman

We kicked off this Christmas season with an old German tradition.

Seeing Estate Auctions In a New Light

By Andrew Weidman

Estate auctions take on a new meaning when when they're personal.

Stoneybrook Farm Market

By Kelly White

All about the farm and fare of this gem in Loudoun County, Virginia.


More Thankfulness on the Homestead

By Faithful Homesteader

It has been a full year, and I am full of thankfulness.

Free Food Creates Community

By Liberty V Justice

I want my restaurant to be a place for free food and second chances.

A Lesson in Assertiveness — from the Student

By Liberty V Justice

How I'm learning to be assertive, and you can, too!


By Kelly White

Thoughts on the joys of choosing homesteading as a way of life.