People and profiles from rural America

Spring 2017 in NW Alabama

By Mary Carton

Corn is planted, wheat is tasseling out, and The Hooligans are ready to go fishing!

Spring: Then and Now

By Connie Moore

Looking back is fun, planting now is good, and reaping what we sow is always an eye-opener.

Signature Writing

By Connie Moore

Modern classes and their focus on technology may lack a key component to success for our children.

Yes, You Can Still Be A Homesteader

By Lois Hoffman

When we think of homesteading, we often think of the wagon trains that went west in the 1800s. But modern homesteading — different from this vision — is still very much alive.



By Faithful Homesteader

I was excited to attend my first MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair with my husband. We both learned so much!

GPS and Country Roads

By Mary Niehaus Ralles

I'm searching for new homestead and learning that my internal compass is likely more reliable than my GPS on these country roads.

Granny Get Your Gun (Or Not)

By Lois Hoffman

In today's world, being able to protect oneself is important. Not everyone is enamored with guns, especially some of us more "mature" women, but there are other options.

The Walking Dead and the Osage Orange Tree

By Mary Niehaus Ralles

When homesteading becomes necessary for survival.