People and profiles from rural America

First-time Fatherhood

By Caleb Regan

Caleb enjoys his time being a dad.

County Fair Fun

By Connie Moore

County fairs are wonderful memory makers.

Where Did the Summer Go

By Lois Hoffman

We can hardly wait for summer to get here, and when it does we are so busy that we sometimes don't take time to enjoy the important stuff.

Seasoned with Love

By Lois Hoffman

Putting together a cookbook is quite the chore, but it is a labor of love.


The Buck Stops Here

By Lois Hoffman

I was thrilled to watch a baby fawn that was born in our yard grow...until I realized that mom and dad were munching on my garden and having my flowers for dessert.

Making Water

By Lois Hoffman

Atmospheric water generators provide a sustainable source of clean, chemical-free water.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

By Lois Hoffman

With more and more people moving to the suburbs, there can be tension between newcomers and farmers who just don't understand each other's ways.

Little Willy

By Lois Hoffman

Little Willy is a 1/4 scale Ford Model T replica that my Uncle Harold started to make from scratch. He has had a pretty incredible life and this is his story.