People and profiles from rural America

Ed Begley Jr. on Living Simply

By Natalie K. Gould

Ed Begley Jr. talks with us about sustainable living, public transportation, living simply and Arrested Development.

If At First You Don't Succeed, You Must Be a Farmer

By Pauline Hylton

Everyday, we're trying something new. We're failing, but sometimes we're not, but we keep trying. That's what farming and life are all about. Not giving up.

Handling Negative Criticism Online

By Sarah Cuthill

Handling criticism online is easier said than done, right?! The internet has surely made many aspects of life easier and some a little harder. With so many blogs out there, it's easy to forget that these are real people.

My Memories of GRIT and Granny

By Mary Dyer

My smart Granny used GRIT to keep me happy and quiet, at least for a few minutes.


Oklahoma Tornado, Oklahoma Spirit

By Rhonda Shephard

We've live through another loss as an EF 5 tornado slammed into the Oklahoma landscape. We once again face loss, sorrow, and eventual renewal, some call it strength, I call it that undefinable quality called Oklahoma spirit


By Becky and Andy

Becky gives a quick update on her family's involvement in a pivotal food freedom case going on trial this week in Wisconsin.

Recall Lagrange and my garden room project

By Mary Carton

One more weekend as a volunteer photographer at Recall Lagrange. The 150th anniversary of the burning of the college and town. My garden room is coming along nicely, only I didn't realize the weight of all the tile I had to haul up the steps.

Grandma's Old-Fashioned Smokehouse

By Arkansas Girl

For whatever reason, housewives of long ago used a smokehouse to store their home-canned foods. It didn't seem that such a storage was necessary, because most houses were large, but still most homes had a small house out back for a food pantry.