People and profiles from rural America

I Am Not A Hobby

By Cait Carpenter

I am not a hobby farmer. I am not a redneck, a country girl, or a farmer's daughter. I am the farmer.

Car and Air Shows and the Haunting of the Ugly Tomato

By Mary Carton

I finally get my garden plowed and my tomatoes planted, hoping the bad tomato that won't go away doesn't show up this year. Summer starts with car shows, air shows and the Helen Keller Festival.

Community Supported Agriculture a Win for Farmers and Members

By Nathan A. Winters

Start your own Community Supported Agriculture or CSA with grassroots marketing and local food delivery.

Water Wars

By Lois Hoffman

Farmers and homeowners are increasingly becoming at odds over water rights and water itself is becoming more scarce. Is there a solution?


Early Conservation Farming In Richland County Ohio Malabar Farm

By Ginnie Baker

Malabar Farm was the home of Louis Bromfield, noted author and conservationist.

Selling Points

By Amanda "Mandi" Kemp

Selling my home has me realizing that my values differ greatly from the general population.

Things I've Learned Lately

By April Freeman

What makes a great mom?

3rd Annual Georgia Mountains Farm Tour

Press Release

Georgia Mountains Farm Tour passes are now on sale.