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How to Build a Tiny House – Part 3: Masonry Foundation Piers for Stronger Supports

Use masonry foundation piers for a stronger, more durable foundation. Learn how with the following instructions.

Helping Your Kids Love Farming

By April Freeman

Here are some things that we are doing to instill a love for farming and growing things in our children.

How to Build a Tiny House - Part 2: Setting a Tiny House Foundation

Setting a tiny house foundation doesn't need to be a daunting task. These easy instructions will make the necessary steps clear and manageable.

Putting Roots Down In The Central Virginia Mountains

By Benjamin Baer

We've had plenty of time to plan ... it's time to begin our (mini-)homesteading adventure.


The Other Side Of Disasters

By Lois Hoffman

Natural disasters are always bad, but the good news is sometimes they bring out the best of human nature.

Natural Laundry

By MaryAnn

After trying multiple solutions I finally decided on soapnuts for wash day.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 1: Clearing the Building Site

The first step in learning how to build a tiny house is clearing the building site, should you choose to have a set location.

How to Build a Tiny House

Learn how to build a tiny house with these step-by-step instructions — from clearing the building site to finishing up with trim.