People and profiles from rural America

Circular Sock Machine Knitting

By Laura Damron

Keeping history alive, one stitch at a time.

Candle Safety

By Laura Damron

Before you get out your candles again, a brief word of caution.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 6: Installing Wood Floors

Follow these simple instructions for installing wood floors in your tiny house.

Finding The Heart of Our Home

By Karrie Steely

Not just any stove will do for our off-grid house. We need something practical but beautiful, witness to the simple yet involved lifestyle that we choose to live. By refurbishing a 100-year-old stove to fit our needs, we’re making it uniquely our own.


Prepare Now For Winter

By Lee Ann

Are you ready for winter? By starting to prepare now you will be ready for it when it hits!

The Humble Glass Jar

By Karrie Steely

I love glass jars. I particularly love the infinite possibilities that an empty glass jar holds.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 5: Building the Walls

With these illustrated instructions, learn how to build the walls of your tiny house.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 4: Building the Frame

Explore framing options and learn the essential steps toward framing your tiny house.