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How to Build a Tiny House – Part 12: How to Hang a Door

Check out these step-by-step instructions for hanging the doors in your tiny house.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 12: How to Install a Door Jamb

Your tiny house is nearly ready for the doors. But first, you’ll need to install your door jambs. Continue below for an illustrated how-to.

It's Another New Year: Where Does The Time Go?

By Ginnie Baker

With the new year, garden catalogs are arriving.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

By Ginnie Baker

It's two days before Christmas and I'm almost ready for the big day.


The Shoals Celebrates Christmas and the Trouble With Hooligans

By Mary Carton

Parades, concerts, Christmas in the Country, Plantation Christmas, Trees of Christmas and Dickens Christmas Ya'll, the Shoals celebrates Christmas season. We attempt the Hooligans Christmas card.

How to Build a Tiny House – Part 10: Choosing and Installing Siding

With these illustrated instructions, learn how to install siding on your tiny house.

Holly Jolly Bark

By Susan Berry

Holiday candy fun for the whole family!

It's Going To Be A Long Winter

By Ginnie Baker

We had an early snowfall with schools closed.