People and profiles from rural America

Coondogs, Snakeman, Pawpaws, Native Americans and Hooligans

By Mary Carton

Fall is coming to NW Alabama. Corn and soybeans are being harvested. The Coondog Cemetery Labor Day Festival and Oka Kapassa are celebrated. The Hooligans are being hooligans.

Tour de Homestead

By Robert Pekel

A spring tour of the homeplace.

Finding 'the Place Just Right'

By Jennifer Quinn

An interesting chapter in the saga of finding my home at Panther's Hollow.

Spring Cleaning My Life

By Lois Hoffman

Sometimes bad things happen for a reason, if we take the time to see what's behind them.


Locally Grown Food in Schools

By GRIT staff

Reports show that USDA Farm to School Program has increased amount of locally grown food in schools.

Farm-to-School Conference

By GRIT staff

Farm-to-School Conference to discuss strengthening local food economy.

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative

By GRIT staff

Food research approved by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

A Mother's Love

By Eileen

A reminder of how deep a mother's love is!