You old, Grandma?

| 9/6/2012 12:43:57 PM

Jessa Grandma
My precious granddaughter and I enjoy life together. 

A Photo of DonnaFriday night as I lay beside my baby girl on the air mattress at the foot of the bed in her small room upstairs, deep in thought, she began picking at my hair with her thumb and index finger, pulling it up, letting it go, pulling it up, letting it go, strand by strand.

"Why you got gray hair, Grandma?" she innocently asked.

"Because I'm getting old," I said, teasingly.

Her little face grew quite serious.

"I don't want you to get old, Grandma. Then you will die, and I will miss you," she said in a sad, whimpering voice.

Mary Carton
9/15/2012 4:00:35 AM

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