Wintertime in Rural Arkansas, part 2

| 1/19/2013 7:14:27 PM

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Arkansas GirlLiving in the countryside can be fun..with one of the most fun parts being staying indoors (during winter) beside a glowing, hot stove..a sack of pecans in your lap with a most enjoyable children's book (I'm speaking of my 50s childhood) just waiting to be read. But finally push comes to shove, and you had to venture outside. There were things that had to be done that couldn't possibly be done from the comfort of a warm room. While we had to walk some, we did have a car. Fortunately, some drivers had snow-chains (for their tires) just in case the ground froze, which occasionally it did. I don't remember Dad ever owning snow-chains, but since it's been so long ago, he just may have. At any rate, I do remember a few slippery-sliding episodes on those wet, country roads. At the time, the "near landing in the ditch" wasn't funny at all, but afterward when the "scare" wore off, I could laugh about it. Winter was by no means my favorite season of the year. I hated those long, cold, wet, and sometimes cloudy days. Perhaps because I was born in June, cold weather was never a close friend of mine. Instead of the three calendar months of winter, this unwelcome visitor seemed to hang around for more than six long months. On the positive side, though, there were a few things I really liked about this "frenemy" season. One was its breath-taking snow-falls. When snow covers everything over, its white, fleece-like cape just makes the world so breath-takingly beautiful. I'd stare out the window, gazing affectionately at the beautifully snow-covered landscape with it sloping vale and the winter sun shining on its glistening, white coat. When the sun shone at a certain angle, the vast fields looked like the ski slopes in Vail, Colorado. From the comfort of my living room, my heart was warmed with winter's gift of freshly-fallen snow. Then, my other favorite thing about winter was sitting by the warm stove while eating a bowl of ice cream made exclusively from winter's first, pristine snowfall. Now, that to me, was real winter living.

1/24/2013 11:28:28 PM

AG, One of the best things I like where I live is the very distinct seasons. Each one lasts almost the three months of their designated time. The enjoyment of present season with the anticipation of the coming season is a never ending circle of life. After being gone and living somewhere else for seven years, I vowed never to leave again when I returned. Winter is probably my least favorite but then for me it's a time resting, reading, planning, with the anticipation to start working again on the plans of the year. Have a great Arkansas winter day.

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