Winter memories

| 1/19/2013 8:50:32 PM

Winter memories 

A Photo of DonnaAs I headed to the mailbox this morning, the crisp air of January met me afresh. The snow covering the once-green grass barely crunched below my feet, and I found myself walking on top of it rather than sinking in

My mind wandered back some thirty years. Arlington cemetery. Bloomington, Indiana. Grandma and me.

I took her to put flowers on my grandfather’s grave. Solemnly we exited the car and moved toward the grave on a brisk winter morning. She and I walked atop a frosted-over snow, slowly making our way to the grave. Bare, iced branches of the few trees standing amidst the many marble markers glistened in the midmorning sunlight.

We quietly ambled on. Then Grandma, attempting a smile, looked at me said, “I’ve never walked on top of snow before.”

I gripped her elbow as we approached the grave that had for the several months held the body of my grandpa, her husband of more than sixty years.

1/24/2013 11:35:37 PM

Donna, I too have memory moments when something jogs the memory. It could be a song on the radio, or a smell in the store, or a scene as you describe. Those memories built up over a life time of experiences are what makes growing old bearable, don't you think? Have a great memory day.