Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

| 6/23/2017 4:15:00 PM

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Oil and water don’t mix. Remember all the old western movies where sheep herders and cattlemen were always at odds over grazing grounds? Well, sometimes this difference of opinion or lack of understanding on both parts exists between farmers and non-farmers trying to co-exist in today’s world.

It used to be that a farming community was just that — a farming community. Everyone was working toward the same goals and understood each other’s way of life, heartaches, worries, and tribulations. Then, slowly, suburbanites and city dwellers who longed for a quieter and more peaceful way of life started to build homes and encroach upon the farming community.

Most of the time this arrangement works fine; with new country dwellers anxious to learn about the farming way of life and to see where their food actually comes from. Farmers usually go about their business without disturbing their new neighbors. Most of the time this is the case, but there are times when disagreements escalate into community wars, usually because of simple misunderstandings that could have been avoided with just a little forethought.

Most everyone knows that farming is in my blood and I have a soft spot for farmers. They are a different breed and look at things a little differently from the rest of the world. Being stewards of the land, they are usually the salt-of-the-earth, simplistic, say-it-like-it is sort of folks. By the same token, most of them come from generations of farmers and assume that everyone knows their way of life. There lies the problem.

Recently, a farmer spread hog manure on his land. This by-product of swine operations makes excellent fertilizer and is much cheaper than commercial fertilizer. So it just makes sense to spread and work it into the land. However, the downside is that it stinks to well...you know where. Depending on the type and amount this can be pretty potent and overpowering. Many newcomers to country living don’t understand why the farmer would do this and why they have to put up with it.

12/15/2017 8:59:03 AM

Or... an ounce of 'care' is worth a pound of 'cure'. ... Pat.

12/15/2017 8:54:23 AM

Or... an ounce of 'care' is worth a pound of 'cure'. ... Pat.

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