Winter Storm Preparation

Take these steps to minimize damage and danger during winter storms.

| January 2018

  • Winter storms can have high winds, in addition to low temperatures and accumulation of ice or snow.
    Photo by Pixabay/Pascalmwiemers
  • Get a plan for disasters with “Your Emergency Game Plan” by Shawn L. Tipping, Sarah E. Tipping, and Robert D. Harris.
    Cover courtesy Game Plan Preppers LLC

Your Emergency Game Plan your emergency game planby Shawn L. Tipping, Sarah E. Tipping, and Robert D. Harris helps prepare you for emergency situations. Learn what steps you can take before and during an emergency to minimize harm. This excerpt, from chapter 23, gives information on what to do before and during a winter storm.

The term “winter storm” can cover anything from a light snow over a couple hours to a blinding blizzard with straight-line winds and sub-zero temperatures that could last for days. Small winter storm systems can cause problems at the community level while others can be large enough to cause power outages and property destruction in multiple states. Hallmarks of winter storms include extremely low temperatures, high winds, sleet, freezing rain, ice, and wind-driven snow. Black ice, a condition where roads become dangerously icy but do not appear slick, can make driving treacherous. No matter which of the above conditions are present most often in your area, you should be prepared when the situation arises to be safe.

Winter Storm Outlook – There is a possibility of winter storm conditions in the next two to five days.

Winter Weather Advisory – Winter storm conditions may cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous. If one exercises caution, these situations should not be life-threatening.

Winter Storm Watch – Possibility of winter storm conditions in the coming 36 to 48 hours. If you are in the watch area, you should review your winter storm plans and keep informed about weather conditions.

Winter Storm Warning – Severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. If you are in the warning area, you should take precautions right away, as conditions could become life-threatening.

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