Winter Has Arrived At Mudville

| 1/15/2016 1:43:00 PM

Ginnie BakerWith the first snow of this strange winter, the wildlife is totally confused!

confusedbirds10  flock of birds

We had temps in the 40’s and 50’s for so long, I even had Dianthus still blooming along with sunflower seeds falling from the many bird feeders sprouting!

In the last couple of days, all of that suddenly changed. Mother Nature was up to her old tricks again with the weather.

The birds had almost disappeared during the warmer weather; we didn’t have to fill the dozen feeders very often.

With the snow and cold, it was as if the birds sent text messages to each other that food was available for the asking at Mudville in Bellville!

Even the Pileated woodpecker, a magnificent bird, attacks the suet.