Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Not Too Good

| 5/25/2016 10:59:00 AM

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Allyson CrockettAh, beautiful life-giving rain.

I know it’s a boring cliché to talk about the weather, but when you live in the driest state, on the driest continent on the planet, a few days of rain is an exciting event.

Since I last posted we’ve had a couple of days of rain, and it’s raining as I write this. Not such a big deal when your annual rainfall is 30 inches or more. But when it averages just 11 inches, and you rely on rainwater to survive, well, you can understand why I’m so enthusiastic about it.

Around here, we have a love/hate relationship with rain. There are times we go months without seeing a single drop of it. That’s when we’d love to have some, and that’s when I like to watch movies featuring lots of rain. Those lucky people, how I miss the sight, the sound, the feel, and smell of it.

Rain benefits

And then, there are times when we get almost our annual average rainfall, sometimes much more, in the space of two days. That’s the hate part of the relationship. We desperately need the rain, but sometimes Mother Nature gets frisky and gives us too much all at once.

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