This Is A Strange Winter

| 2/1/2016 11:41:00 AM

Ginnie BakerI haven’t seen such a strange winter in a long time!

After the warm temperatures in December, we had some really frigid weather at the beginning of January.

Now, it’s back in the low 50’s with a lot of wind!

I hope it’s my imagination, but the buds on some of the trees look like they are beginning to swell.

My Witch Hazel is already in boom; that’s very early. It normally blooms in late February or early March.

wichhazel2014a(2)  Witch Hazel blooming

2/1/2016 7:38:38 PM

Ginnie, we are bracing for storm Kayla. Predictions of 8 to 13 inches with winds up to 40 MPH are being talked about on all the weather channels. Jim Cantore from the weather channel is in my city waiting for the storm to hit. I have Ranger Rick, my truck, chained up and ready to hit the road if necessary. Old fashioned tire chains still work great in snow storms. School has already been cancelled much to the delight of my grandson. Stormie, my snow blower, waits silently in the garage until called upon to throw snow high and far off the driveway and sidewalk. ***** Have a great Winter day.