Spring Renewal Comes to the Homestead

| 4/4/2016 10:27:00 AM

Ginnie BakerIt’s amazing ... no matter what the winter is like, there is a renewal, or rebirth, every spring!

It’s no different this year. I really worried that the unpredictable winter would have ruined anything that flowers like the fruit trees.

But, they are fine and ready to break out in blossoms, the buds are swelling!

I didn’t think my bleeding hearts would survive either, but they are coming up — way too early! This is a photo from last year.


In the past few years, my old lilac has been hit with a hard frost just as the flowers were ready to open. They turned brown and wilted.

4/8/2016 1:04:53 PM

The saddest part about spring time is that so many people do not realize just how wonderful living in the country really is. How I miss those days. :-(