Jonas Comes A Calling

| 1/26/2016 9:57:00 AM

Andrew Weidmanweathervane

Jonas, the Nor’easter also known as Snowmageddon 2016 and Snowpocalypse, has temporarily changed the landscape here in Southeastern PA. I’m writing this Saturday night, and while there are still a few bands of snow left in the storm, I believe the worst of the storm is behind us.

Forecasters had originally put us in the 6 – 18 inch band of the storm. The last I checked, we had gotten a whopping 28 inches of ‘shovel-able.’ Okay, snow blow-able.

snow blower

The storm arrived early last evening, white flakes tumbling in the wind. By nightfall, the frozen ground was dusted, and by bedtime, the dogs had maybe two inches to deal with as they did their business in the back yard. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing!

Some time in the small hours, Jonas took an unexpected turn – up the throat of the Chesapeake Bay. No one expected that. Most of the weather models showed it cruising out into the Atlantic, just past the mouth of the Bay, which would have been bad enough.