Froggy Weather

Reader Contribution by Allan Douglas
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My, but it has been froggy weather lately. That may have something to do with the rain we’ve had all week; lots of rain, consistent puddles, tadpoles = frogs. Although I think most of those I’ve seen are tree frogs. I’m sure the ones I’ve heard are tree frogs: their trilling is pretty distinctive. I don’t know what conditions are favored for these critters to breed.

Kathy caught a young bullfrog the other evening and tried to eat it. Kathy is a dog; don’t get too freaked out by that statement. Marie stopped her because she knows some frogs or toads are poisonous. I don’t think we have those here, but it could give her an upset stomach and cause her to puke up frog bits in our house. Yech! I disposed of the dead frog.

Here a Frog, There a Frog
A while back Marie and I made a trip into town. When we got there Marie noticed that a tree frog had made the trip with us by snugging into the passenger side mirror housing; in the small gap between mirror and housing. It was just sitting there looking at her  I hope it likes its new home, for it was gone when we came back out to head for home.

I found another sitting on the latch of one of our gates. At first it was situated right on top of the hinge point: a dangerous place because of the pinching hazard. I was as careful as I could be not to hurt it, and after I bothered it a couple of times by opening and closing the gate it did climb up onto the fence mesh.

Another was found sitting atop the padlock on my barn door. Fortunately the lock was already undone and the door could be opened without bothering the lil triller too much. It clung to its spot as I cleared the hasp and swung the door open. By day’s end it had moved on so I was able to lock up.

Another was clinging to the back door of my Mom’s house (which is here on our property) when I came with her mail. Again, it stubbornly clung to the door as I opened and closed it, twice. It wasn’t hurting anything, so I left it alone. It may have been a peeping-tom frog, but there wasn’t anything to see in Mom’s laundry room anyway.

I recall reading in either Mother Earth News or Grit Magazine that if you find even one tree frog living on your property you can rest assured that your land is ecologically sound. They’re picky about where they settle. Judging by the number of lil froggers I’ve seen lately, our land is doing just fine!

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