Fall Is In The Air

| 9/18/2015 12:07:00 PM

Ginnie BakerIt’s hard to believe, but fall is definitely in the air here in Bellville. Our 165th Street Fair, the oldest in Ohio, begins today and that brings more than 50,000 people to our beautiful village of 1,900 residents! The Fair dates back to 1850 and is always held in September to coincide with harvest time.


Bellville Bandstand Bellville Village offices

old photos of Bellville's street fair

Main Street is closed off and some of the side streets are also with huge tents and the rides that thrill the children. Friday is “Kid’s Day” at the Fair so school is dismissed early so the children can enjoy everything from food to animals to rides!

Other signs of fall include more wood, actually whole trees, being delivered by friend Gary Fry. It will be cut and split for the outdoor wood furnace.

9/19/2015 8:29:24 AM

Ginne, yes, fall is arriving in Nebraska as well. The leaves haven't starting turning to their fall colors just yet but they are falling off the trees. I'm not sure what' up with that but this has been a strange year for weather. The day temperatures are fluctuating between highs of middle 60s to middle 80s. This week will be in the middle 80s again. That's not a normal temperature for September in this part of the country. ***** Fairs and Festivals are a part of the fall in my city too. It's seems that September and October are months that celebrate the harvest even though most of the folks that are celebrating don't harvest anything and are mostly city folks. Most of the counties have fairs as well as the Nebraska State Fair. It's a wonderful mix of things that identify country life. I like fairs and things that still remind us that without farms and country folks, there would be no food or life. ***** Have a great fall day.