Every Groundhog Has His Day

| 2/1/2016 12:39:00 PM

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Andrew WeidmanSnowdrops

February Second is upon us, time for the various famous groundhogs across the country to have their day in the sun — or clouds, as the case may be. Most people know the drill: Punxsutawney Phil (or Union Canal Uni, or General Beauregard Lee, or Octorara Orphie, or Stormy Marmot, the list goes on) climbs out of his burrow and looks for the sun. If he sees his shadow, it scares him back home, for another six weeks of winter; if not, he hangs out a while and spring is ‘just around the corner.’

Groundhog Mascot

Each hog has his own way of doing things. For example, Phil presents his handlers with a scroll bearing his prognostication. This makes me wonder how he manages to hold the quill to write it down. Uni takes a little cruise each year, riding a miniature canal boat down the Tulpehocken Creek, towed by members of the local Grundsow Lodge.

Bon Voyage

If you’re wondering what a Grundsow Lodge is, I’ll do my best to explain. Groundhog Day, or Grundsaudaag, is a PA Dutch tradition, one we brought from the Old Country. In Germany, people would watch badgers on Candlemas Day, looking for clues to the length and severity of the winter still to come. In Pennsylvania, badgers are in short supply, but there are groundhogs aplenty.

2/3/2016 6:17:49 PM

Andrew, yeah, according to Phil Winter is over. Tell that to Kayla as she dumped five inches of snow on us here in Nebraska. Then two more inches of ice pellets came down during the night time hours. As far as Nebraska Phil at Terra Nova Gardens, I haven't seen him in a couple years but every time I cover up the entrance of his den, it gets cleaned out so I know he's still around. I guess he's in stealth mode. ***** Have a great groundhog day.

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