Coping With Garden Failure

| 6/30/2015 12:38:00 PM

Faithful HomesteaderWe had such high hopes for our North Texas garden this year. I was especially looking forward to corn, tomatoes and squash. We planted thousands of about two dozen different crops. This year for the first time, we planted flowers as well, and I was really looking forward to their beauty. My husband really put a lot of work into the garden, but we learned that there is so much that is beyond our control.

We planted using techniques for our usual hot and dry summer, but that worked against us this year. Earlier in the year, we were in a drought. Some places near us could only water once every couple of weeks because of it. However, the drought was soon erased, and flooding was a real issue after the wettest May ever recorded for our area. Our garden was collateral damage as it ended up being so waterlogged that not much would grow. In fact, it was under water for about a month. Early on in the season, I had posted a photograph of one of our peach trees because it was looking so good, but not long after, it was dead.

Our peach tree before it died.

Our peach tree before it died.

We planted wild stock tomatoes, and they are still the same size as when we put them in the ground. Last year our tomatoes did so well they produced even when the temperatures were in the triple digits. They were still producing when we had an early freeze. I am hoping somehow that they will produce.

Our tomatoes have barely grown since we planted them early in the season.