Weather Watchers Alert!

Cyberchase's Weather Watchers episodes on PBS encourage youngsters to seek answers to environmental problems.

| April 3, 2009

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CYBERCHASE’s Weather Watchers episodes explore real-world math connections in a context that encourages youngsters to take action and seek answers to our environmental problems. The Weather Watchers initiative features five math- and weather-themed episodes, including four new premieres, an interactive Web game a hands-on activity booklet, tips for parents and teachers, and other outreach efforts.

 “Gone with the Fog” (April 20, new! Check local listings) The CyberSquad must figure out the mysteries of dew point to make a daring rescue under the cover of fog. Math topics: Algebraic Thinking, measurement. Weather topic: Fog

“The Emperor Has Snow Clothes” (April 21, new! Check local listings) Hacker turns the Emperor of Penguia into an icy statue, and the youngsters have to track a powerful storm so they can avoid it and save the Emperor from a frozen fate. Math topic: Algebraic thinking. Weather topic: Tracking Storms

“The X Factor” (April 22, EARTH DAY, new! check local listings) One tiny, seemingly harmless act multiplied hundreds of times creates a huge problem in Perfectamundo, and the CyberSquad must use that same power of multiplication to find a solution. Math topic: Power of Multiplication. Weather topic: Climate Change.

“Blowin’ In The Wind” (April 23, new! check local listings) The key to curing Motherboard’s virus may be at the windiest place in the Northern Frontier, and the CyberSquad must measure and compare wind speeds to find it. Math topic: Measurement. Weather topic: Wind Speed.

“Digit’s B-Day Surprise” (April 24, encore. Check local listings) In a misunderstanding about a surprise birthday party, Hacker nearly convinces Digit to join his team! Math topic: Measurement. Weather topic: Evaporative cooling.

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