True Cow Tales: Delightful Anthology Full of Bovine Buzz


I just finished reading <em>True Cow Tales: Literary Sketches and Stories by Farmers, Ranchers, and Dairy Princesses</em> edited by C. R. Lindemer. <em>True Cow Tales </em>is delightful anthology of bovine buzz that covers the ground with more than 45 stories and poems that let you in on what life with cattle is really like &ndash; and what the life of dairy princesses past and present is all about. Lindemer&rsquo;s touch really brings the anthology to life with an organizational scheme that makes sense and connects several generations of agriculturists.</p>
<p>Read about the champion Simmental cow named Ruby whose reward was a handful of Oreos and a heart-warming tale of excess milk, cookies and the meaning of nei
ghborly. <em>True Cow Tales</em> will make you laugh, cry, think and just might make you feel good about being human. Inside these pages you will see what real bull is all about, you&rsquo;ll learn about bovine love and butter-carton skirts, and you&rsquo;ll experience the pain of losing the place you love. In <em>True Cow Tales</em>, cows have names like Patty, Dixie and Dawn &ndash; and some of them love to find holes in the fence and mix it up with their keepers.</p>
<em>True Cow Tales</em> isn&rsquo;t just for farmers or folks interested in keeping cows. This anthology paints a behind the scenes picture of what animal agriculture is really like and records some important history in the process. In addition to those with an agricultural focus, the book is a must read for folks interested in authentic story telling, where food comes from and in reconnecting with the agricultural roots that made this country strong. </p>
<em>True Cow Tales</em> is available directly from the <a title=”publisher” href=”” target=”_blank”>publisher</a> and at various online and brick and mortar book sellers. I recommend that you get your copy today. </p>
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  • Published on Mar 9, 2011
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