The Jungle Slowly Creeps into Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

The jungle has encroached on Ta Prohm, creating a beauty all its own.

I arrived with my fellow Exodus Travels explorers midday, although inside the temple — because of the massive trees shadowing it — it seems much later, almost dusk. Used in the filming of both Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, the temple is Disney-like in its reflection of what I always imagined the Cambodian temples would be like.

Tree roots snake along and into the Buddhist temple walls. Many artifacts were stolen, but a keen eye reveals the most intricate of carvings, doorways, and passageways. The temple is simply remarkable.

Weaving along narrow corridors and into nearly hidden courtyards, I found visitors less gregarious, more concentrated on the surrounding beauty of a temple slowly being overtaken by the jungle. This is a destination of contemplation and awe-inspiring beauty.

The 39 towers are connected by numerous galleries. Exploring the labyrinth is like entering another world, another dimension. Its intimacy is like no other Cambodian temple.

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  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
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