Post, Texas: Small Town, Big Past

| 7/23/2015 2:19:00 PM

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Marie BartlettNext time you sit down at the breakfast table to eat a bowl of Post cereal, you can thank one man for his vision to establish a town in the high plains of west Texas that not only carried his name, it enriched its local citizens.

Post, Texas, in Garza County, was founded in 1907 by cereal magnate, inventor and “father of advertising” Charles W. Post, of Battle Creek, Michigan. On his way to Fort Worth in the early 1900s, he stopped by the region and saw, not hardscrabble Texas land, but a “utopia” he could colonize and develop.

Welcome to Post, Texas C.W. Post, founder

What Post had in mind was to create a debt-free model farming community. He bought a ranch and adjacent land that covered nearly 225,000 acres, then financing, supervising and building the town of Post, he hoped settlers to the region could have ownership far below the cost of land sold elsewhere in Texas.

What he left behind were agricultural innovations to help farmers become more productive and a railroad depot that would open the region to newcomers. He reportedly paid the Santa Fe Railroad $50,000 to ensure a depot would be built before his death, and it was built, in 1910. (Post died in 1914).

Today, the depot is home to the Post Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. Post, “the cereal man,” is honored with a life-sized statue on the lawn of the county courthouse and his name known to everyone in town.

7/24/2015 7:06:13 AM

Marie, there's so much history that gets forgotten other than locally. I thought your reminder of Post city was fascinating. Everyone knows the cereal Post but I suspect hardly anyone knows the story you just told of a man that came to Texas with a dream. As with most tourist towns folks there seem to be very hospitable and the things to see and do are very interesting. It's sounds like a place I would enjoy. Thanks for the review. ***** Have a great Post city memory day.

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