Minneapolis Hotel Gives a Nod to Its University Location

| 8/11/2015 11:02:00 AM

Marilyn JonesThe Commons Hotel has a theme throughout its lobby, restaurant, rooms and suites. And I like hotels with themes. Maybe it’s all those nights at Walt Disney World resorts, but whatever the reason, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the lobby and discovered an upscale retro, geek chic, schoolhouse atmosphere. Designers took their cue from the hotel’s location on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis and ran with it.

Walking into the lobby, straight ahead is a semicircle of bookshelves and chairs. In the center is a fire pit; a touch that is also featured in front of the hotel. The reception desk is backed by a large collection of world globes, and small seating areas are ideal for students to take advantage of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

the library, The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota

front desk, The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

This academic theme is carried through to rooms and suites with plaid wallpaper, and historic U of M photography on the walls. The fun part for me was discovering little details. Where the room numbers are located, for example, are drawings of patent designs that originated on this campus.