Aruba’s Arikok National Park is a Natural Hit With Vacationers

| 6/19/2015 10:38:00 AM

Marilyn JonesAruba’s Arikok National Park covers nearly 20 percent of the island. Setting aside the land protects Aruba’s natural state as well as its indigenous species: whiptail lizard, cat eye snake, endangered Aruban rattle snake, burrowing owl and Aruban parakeet.

 The wilderness that is Aruba's Arikok National Park.

 The wilderness that is Aruba's Arikok National Park.

The wilderness that is Arikok National Park.

The park has many ways to be seen: by car, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking, but one of the best ways, due to the park’s size and some road conditions, is to join an organized tour. My choice was De Palm Tours. Expert driver and tour guide Gio took us to the visitor’s center where we were introduced to the park and its wildlife, through the wilderness of cactus and brush, to an abandoned gold mine and the rocky north shore, and finally Conchi, a natural pool at the edge of the sea.

Make a wish. If the wind doesn’t blow over the rock tower you make, your wish will come true.