Tractor Supply Kicks Off Chick Days

| 3/26/2014 3:46:00 PM

Benefits of Backyard Chickens

Farm and ranch retailer Tractor Supply Company is kicking off “Chick Days” nationwide this week with a focus on powering backyard farmers and the fast-growing self-reliance movement.

Chick Days, a springtime event featuring live baby chicks and ducklings at most Tractor Supply Company stores, runs through April.

The event has traditionally attracted farm families and hobby farmers looking to replenish their flocks, according to Marc Johnson, divisional vice president of merchandising at Tractor Supply.

With demand for backyard chickens spreading, a new breed of chicken owner is joining farmers and ranchers in raising poultry.

“As everyday Americans from rural towns, suburbs and city neighborhoods look for ways to eat healthier, great-tasting food and live a more self-reliant lifestyle, they’ve turned to raising backyard chickens,” Johnson said. “Chickens play an important role in sustainable living and provide families a safe, reliable source of delicious food.”