This past weekend was spent cleaning up my video files. For a change, I started the week with my DVR at zero percent and all my videotapes rewound and put away.

If this had been any other fall television season, that feat would not have happened. At one time, I was quite proud to say I watched the first episode or two of every new drama on network television. I usually ignore sitcoms, and I avoid reality shows at all cost!

It’s been different this season. First, there weren’t as many new shows. The five networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW) scheduled a mere 22 shows (and several have already been canceled). For some networks, that was a normal fall pilot season back in the days before the writers’ strike. There is an interesting midseason contingent waiting in the wings, which may salvage the 2008-09 television season in the end. But I’m not holding my breath.

Second, I find myself reaching for a book rather than the remote. My lackadaisical attitude where TV is concerned is coming through loud and clear, and it’s good for the bookworm but not for the videophile in me.

So what are you watching? What have you given up on?

FringeOf the new shows, I’m still watching The Mentalist (it’s improving after the first two episodes failed to impress), Fringe (I’m liking the characters and their interaction, though the cases are often fairly gruesome for network television), My Own Worst Enemy (that may change in the weeks to come – it’s off to a rocky start as far as I’m concerned), Life on Mars (loving this one!), Eleventh Hour (I’m still giving this one a chance even with its similarities to Fringe) and Crusoe (I liked the premiere two hours; we’ll see about the next episode).

jean teller
10/30/2008 4:10:07 PM

Jen, I loved the Monster Movie - great in black and white - and I'm about halfway through Yellow Fever. So far, tho, I have to say Jensen is impressing the heck outta me! I've seen a snippet of the Eye of the Tiger surprise. I'm looking forward to seeing it and watching it over and over and over again!

10/29/2008 12:07:29 PM

Two words: Loved them! The Monster Movie episode was so fun. I haven't really seen a lot of the classic horror movies they spoofed, but I still enjoyed the episode. And Dean as yellow-bellied, lily-livered coward was a sight to behold. Even better is the little treat for Jensen fans after the episode ended. I've had the Eye of the Tiger in my head since then!

jean teller
10/28/2008 2:41:47 PM

Cindy, hurrah, another Life viewer! This is by far the best show people aren't watching. Love Damian Lewis' detective! And the mystery's pretty good too! Everyone - watch Life! Oh, and it's moving to Wednesday nights! Lori and Cindy, I used to be a faithful viewer of the original CSI: and CSI: New York (the draw was Gary Sinise!), but I gave up on CSI: Miami a long time ago. Just stopped original and NY this past season - I didn't return after the writer's strike, which I think helped me wean away from so much television. :) Lori, do you have much TV on DVD? I have a few: Keen Eddie (hilarious), Firefly (my favorite Joss Whedon show), Space: Above and Beyond, Earth 2, The 4400, and Jeremiah (the first season). Can you tell I like sci-fi? :) I'm still working on my favorite-movies blog! Gina, we need to start a Chuck discussion on Tuesday mornings, to go with our Heroes thread! Jen, I now have the Curmudgeon bookmarked! Thanks! Supernatural and Chuck have the art of combining comedy and drama, with the addition of great characters and acting, down to a science. What did you think of SPN's black and white ep, Monster Movie? And I'm about halfway through Yellow Fever, loving it!

10/27/2008 5:12:29 PM

As a big fan of Supernatural and Chuck, I'm always glad to run across a fellow viewer.

10/24/2008 11:13:19 AM

I am so glad to hear that you are a fellow "Chuck" admirer! The writing and dialogue is clever, light-hearted and very witty. I also still have high hopes for "Heroes." I will not loose faith in it: I love it too much.

10/24/2008 8:27:12 AM

Hi Jean! I have two must see television shows that I watch. Those are #1-Survivor. This is hands down my all time favorite show. It is however, the only reality show that I like! #2-CSI, the original. I don't care for New York or Miami. Other than these two shows, I can honestly say my television never comes on for me. I simply don't watch anything else. I am usually busy doing other stuff. We actually cancelled our dish, so we only have local channels now. We needed to cut costs, and we could not justify the monthly cost for TV, all the more we watched it. We do love to watch movies though, and usually add a few every couple weeks to our DVD library!

cindy murphy
10/24/2008 5:14:15 AM

I am not much of a television watcher; there are only a handful of shows that I watch with any consistency at all, and out of those only a few I put on my "must-see" list: CSI, Survivor, and Life. I love Life, but no one I know has ever watched it....few have ever even heard of it. I think it's one of the most underated shows on television. At the start of the new season, I explained it to a friend, and now she's hooked too. Glad to see someone aside from us two thinks it's worth the watch.

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