This Summer Duluth Trading Company Has Your Back; Features Outdoor Workwear with the Baked-in Goodness of Sun Protection

| 5/30/2012 8:13:52 AM

Baked-in UPF/UVF? Check. Flip-up sun collar? Check. Breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics? Check and check. With the longer, warmer days of summer upon us, Duluth Trading Company, the national workwear retailer, introduces the gotta-have UPF and sun protective clothing that will keep women safe from the harshest of steamy outdoor elements – including the sun’s harmful rays. Go ahead, make your dermatologist proud! 

From the sun-shielding Crusher Hat, to the sweat-busting Long Sleeve Action Shirt, to the skin-saving Garden Pants, Duluth Trading Company has the sun protection hats, shirts and bottoms to safeguard  skin – no matter what the outdoor chore.

“Whether digging in the garden or simply mowing the lawn, Duluth knows that women spend a significant amount of time working outdoors in the summer and that means serious exposure to the sun,” says Stephanie Pugliese, president and chief merchandising officer, Duluth Trading Company. “With the help of Duluth Real Women testers and models, we’ve been able to design outdoor workwear with built-in sun safety features to ensure that women can do what they love – better, longer and more safely.”

To check out all of Duluth’s sun protective gear, check out Duluth Trading Women. 

For more information about how to stay ‘sun-safe’ this summer, watch “Sun Protection Tips of the Trade” featuring Duluth Trading Real Woman Model and sustainable farmer Rebecca Claypool. Claypool shares her tips of the trade on how to manage the risks of working outside.

Sun Protective Gear From Duluth Trading Company:

Crusher Hat/Item #40502/$29.50
You can't afford to be caught in the sun without a hat, so our Crusher has UPF 50+ protection built-in to shield sensitive skin as well as an extra wide brim to keep you shaded from harmful rays. And, the Crusher always looks presentable when you pull it out and put it on because the flexible brim and crown are constructed to bounce back to their original shape no matter how long they’ve been squished. Plus, mesh sides keep you cool on sun-drenched days.100 percent of users would recommend the Crusher to friends.