The gift of fund-raising

| 10/28/2008 1:45:33 PM

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The past three years, I have been involved with the United Way here at Ogden Publications. The first year, I was co-coordinator with one of my co-workers, then last year, I took over as full-time coordinator. I didn’t realize what I was getting into.

Last year, I had just joined the CAPPER’S staff, so on top of my duties as United Way coordinator, I was learning my new job. I recruited some volunteers, so the job wasn’t as daunting as I had expected, just time consuming.

This year, however, some unexpected changes popped up both at work and at home, which made my United Way responsibilities a sometimes overwhelming task. The thing that has kept my head above water during the campaign this year has been my co-workers generosity and willingness to help. We have a great group of people here at Ogden and I am very thankful to work with people who are not only generous, but fun to be around.

One reason I like being involved in raising money for United Way is because of the testimonies of others and ways United Way has touched my own life.

When I was 9 years old, a tornado ripped through my hometown and my family and I were without electricity for two weeks. The Salvation Army canteen truck came the next day with food for our neighborhood. As a child, I took swimming lessons through the American Red Cross. For a brief period of time, I worked for the American Cancer Society and saw how that organization benefitted cancer patients. Just last year, my elderly mother started receiving Meals on Wheels. All of these agencies are funded in part by the United Way.

No one knows when they will need help. It may be because of a house fire or the loss of a job; needing help with infants or teenagers, or the need for a hot meal.  More than likely, we will all need the help of a United Way-funded program at least once in our lives. Isn’t it nice to know these programs are available if we ever need them?

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