The Shocking Truth About Food Shortages

| 4/30/2013 4:58:32 PM

We have seen the news stories about food shortages. The shocking truth about food shortages is even documented by the news.  Video footage of young children with bloated stomachs that are barely alive. Mothers and fathers asking for help from whoever will listen and help.  Drought and famine seems to be growing in the news. Drinkable water is quickly becoming more and scarce.  Chemicals are added to our drinking water to “protect” end users from disease and bacteria.

Truck in Wasteland

Desalination technology is growing quickly as the need for more water continues to rise.  Without clean healthy water, our food quality diminishes also.

What is the shocking truth about food shortages? 

In my opinion, there does not need to be any food shortages. We have technology that can provide food even in the desert, using Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics. We can grow fodder for animals using hydroponics like Foddertech systems that can produce up to 6,000 pounds (3 tons) per day.

I want to share with you an article that was shared with me from Eat Drink On April 8, 2013 Jennifer Kaplan shared the following report: