The Hayfield

| 4/7/2016 9:50:00 AM

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Part of living on a dairy farm besides helping with barn clean up, slopping hogs, feeding chickens and calves was going to the hay field.

We had an old Farmall that would pull the baler. The rows of fluffed up hay would be picked up in front and be compressed into 100 pound bales and drop on the ground in the rear. Our job would be to pick up the bales and hand them to our hired hand, Gulf, up on the wagon pulled by our old truck. He would stack them eight to ten bales high and when we got a load, we would haul the trailer to the farm.

One day Gulf picked up a bale and a snake poked its head out. Gulf dropped the bale and ran for the woods. A week later he finally showed back up to work.

After we all departed for college, Dad got one of those round balers. Come to think of it, my parents also installed central heating and air after we all moved out of the house. Before then we had the windows open in the summer, and an old kerosene floor heater in the living room.

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