Texas Ranching Degree is one of a kind

King Ranch Institute stampedes into future with unique curriculum.

| February 29, 2008

In 2004, the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management at Texas A&M University-Kingsville opened its doors, with two students ready to revolutionize ranching education.

“Ranching is a constantly changing business. It isn’t enough just to be a cowboy these days,” says Dr. Barry Dunn, executive director and endowed chair of the institute. “You have to be a businessman, wildlife manager, animal expert and range conservationist all at the same time. Our program is uniquely designed to produce ranch managers that are just that.”

Those first two students graduated in 2006. Dun says the program will be open to as many as four students at a time.

“The institute’s curriculum is unique, as each student’s plan of study is tailored to strengthen their skills and intellect in all areas of ranch management, including animal science, wildlife management, range management, business and system analysis,” Dunn says.

The program differs from student to student depending on what components they have already had and what they need to become a well-rounded ranch manager. Symposia also are held on various current topics to keep students up-to-date with important happenings in the ranching industry.

“The King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management is a unique program that has as its central role the offering of a Master of Science degree in ranch management,” says Dr. Rumaldo Z. Juárez, university president. “The institute seeks to establish a free flow of information between the private sector and the university to ensure that the institute addresses real problems in the ranching industry and endeavors to create new knowledge focused on natural resource systems that can be applied to ranch management.”

7/21/2014 7:57:00 AM

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