Stop and Read the Signs Part I

| 9/30/2012 3:32:31 PM

I love signs - whether they are crazy, serious, elegant, nostalgic or unintentionally funny. This week I'm starting a new series where I will share some of my favorites. Is there an interesting sign near you that I should come and photograph or you think I would like? Let me know in the comments.

Route 66 near Miami Oklahoma 

Route 66 is a hobby of mine. I've driven the entire length, from Chicago to Santa Monica (once I drove from Tulsa to Santa Rosa New Mexico because I wanted an omelette.) This sign near Miami Oklahoma always makes me smile. Finally, one day, I stopped, and yes, there is nine feet of cracked pavement. One of my friends calls it the "World's Shortest Drag Strip." 

 I bet Elsie made a great tater roll in SE Kansas 

When I had someone in the hospital at the old St. John's in Joplin, I passed by the former home of "Elsie's Homemade Tater Rolls" several times a week. Nothing but a small foundation left now, but I bet her tater rolls were something!

 FEMA Trailer Park near Joplin Missouri 

Not much to laugh about in Joplin this last year. However, I spotted this sign at one of the FEMA trailer camps on the north side of the city. And, no, it is not a joke. The sign in the background reads "EY Street."  I have to confess, if I lived here, that sign would mysteriously disappear one night, never to be seen again, unless you came into my office. Hey, I didn't do it. I just thought about it!

10/1/2012 6:21:06 PM

Terri, signs can be interesting and many time amusing, can't they? Keep the interesting signs coming. Have a great camera picture taking day.