Spring: Then and Now

| 4/24/2017 12:02:00 PM

Connie Moore


A garden journal entry for March 20, 2017: “A blasting red sky is upon the land. It is beautiful and yet bodes ill for the rest of the day. You know — red sky in morning, sailors take warning. The only thing left to write about today is rain — all day.”

That’s the funny thing about garden journals. They either tell a long story or a very short one. A lot could be read between the lines, but, for some days, it’s best not to look too close. After all, just as March can come in like a lamb or lion, so can spring itself. This year it was a lion of rain. Still, that is a good thing. We need it. (Again, another saying that never goes out of style.)

But enough about March. We are clearly into April and fine days of sun, clouds, growing things, and bird songs every morning to bring us to our senses and out into our gardens.