Spring Cleaning My Life

| 4/16/2015 8:10:00 AM

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Country MoonIt’s that time of year when thoughts turn to cleaning out winter’s cobwebs and generally sprucing up the house, the yard and everything in general. It’s a job we usually put off, but after delving in, everything has a fresh, clean air about it.

Recently I had an incident that made me take a step back and take a long hard look at my life. After doing so I decided to not only spring clean my cupboards but also my life.

I have never been involved in a serious automobile accident, let alone being the cause of one. That changed when I ran a stop sign and was broadsided. There was not a square inch on the car that was not dented or smashed in and I was trapped until they cut me out of the wreckage. But then I walked away with only two small scratches on my face.

Even more phenomenal was the fact that I had just dropped off my sister and husband so I was alone as was the girl who hit me. She walked away with only a bump on the knee. There was a lot more than luck with both of us that day. Remember my thoughts a couple weeks ago about small miracles? This definitely qualifies for more than a small miracle but it is not the end of the story.

When our grandson Wyatt, who is now 13 years old, was only about 3 he gave us (with the help of Mom) angel visor clips. They remind us to drive safely and to remember that our guardian angel is looking over us.


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