Spring 2016 in the Shoals

| 3/18/2016 10:30:00 AM

 Rosedale Gardeneagle 2409

heron 0941

We had a warm Christmas, then a cold new year, another spell of warm, and the next day snow flurries. This time of year, if you don’t like today’s weather, just wait twenty-four hours and you’ll get what you like. Forsythia, quince and star magnolias were blooming Christmas and having a partial re-bloom now. The last time we had weather like this, we had a hard freeze in the middle of April which killed a lot of trees and shrubs. I had one plum tree that split open along the length of the trunk when the running sap froze. Bark fell off of dogwoods around the trunks. Several of mine died and a few others still are on life support.

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Daffodils are blooming; wheat and canola are looking well. Farmers are getting fields ready for corn. They spent most of the day and night this week getting fields plowed before the two or three inches of rain predicted for this week started. The area that I’ve been filling in with heirloom daffodils from old home sites is looking nice this spring. A couple of years of adding more bulbs, and the area should look spectacular.