Saving Money and the Family Farm Pond

Renewable wind power gives new life to troubled rural ponds, eliminating high energy and maintenance costs while reviving water quality and the health of crops, fish, livestock and family.

| September 26, 2008

Whether for crops, fish, livestock or drinking water, farmers, ranchers and rural landowners often rely on ponds or dugouts. The danger is that these can become stagnant, algae-filled nightmares as well as financial sinkholes.

To clean up their ponds and dugouts, more and more rural landowners are turning to clean, efficient pond aeration run by renewable wind power. As energy costs rise across America, they're turning away from ever more costly electric aerations systems, which require a continuous supply of electricity and are more susceptible to breakdown than their wind-powered counterparts.

Landowners are discovering how pond aeration by windmill can boost the bottom line and improve quality of life by eliminating an ongoing source of energy use and costly maintenance, while reviving water quality and thus the health of crops, fish, livestock and family members who depend on it.

A pond gone very bad

"My time was spent raking algae from the pond, lots of algae," says Terry, a farmer in Miller Albion, New York, who found copper sulphate treatments ineffective. "The open surface would turn into a green and brown hairy mat. I would spray the algae, the algae would sink to the bottom and the cycle would repeat itself. The perfect pond we dreamed of had turned into a huge liability.

"Then came the hard winter when the pond was snow covered from November through early spring. Every fish, big and small, was floating on the surface when the ice cleared," Terry says. The cost of the fish loss was in the thousands of dollars.

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